This time on the show someone is missing in action.  

We interview composer, musician and SCSO member John Ryther.  

Also, we play portions of recently performed pieces from the concert featuring Bruch's beautiful Violin Concerto and Danny Elfman's exciting Serenada Schizophrenia.

Plus a rare performance of an original composition by Aaron Collins conducting his own work.

The Spring Tour

This time we answer the question of the week, talk about upcoming concerts, and speak with the Julian Drucker of the Yale Whiffenpoofs about their Spring Tour.  

Back in the Saddle

Back in the Saddle

After our winter hiatus, Maestro’s On Air is back with the first episode of Season 2, and includes discussion of our recent Three Kings concert and a look at the few performances left before next year’s calendar is announced.

Afternoon on the Internet

This time on the show we sit down with Yaniv Cohen, named earlier this year as Personnel Director for the Space Coast Symphony Orchestra. 

In addition to that key position, he also teaches, performs and maintains a business as a luthier specializing in heritage American-made instruments.

International Man of Music

International Man of Music

This week in Maestro’s Café we welcome an international musician who has performed and lived on multiple continents.  Born in Ecuador and residing in Madrid, Spain, Francisco Villa grew up on the Space Coast, learning to play Cello in Florida and graduating from Eau Galle High School.    

Francisco is back in Brevard for the month of August for multiple events, including teaching a master class for local high school cello students, and a duet performance of Schumann’s Fantasy Pieces Op. 73.  

Listen to this episode for Francisco’s take on music education, and cultural differences among concert attendees around the world.

Dixieland Slide Kazoo

Dixieland Slide Kazoo

For the first time this week in the Café we get a chance to speak with Colleen Lee, who in addition to professing some affiliation with one of our hosts, also manages much of the day to day operations of the Space Coast Symphony Orchestra.

Café du Visual Arts

Café du Visual Arts

This week in the Café, we’d have asked our guests if they’d like to check in, but remembered that they’d always been here.  

Or at least their art has been hanging on the wall.  Another precedent is broken as we focus on the visual arts. 

Marion Speake, in addition to working in the Café, primarily paints abstract still-life in vibrant colored acrylic or charcoal drawing.

Maria Rachiele is the creative behind Doodle Dog Studio specializing in life-size and realistic paintings of dogs and other commissioned works featuring pets of the client. 


See Maria’s work at  or Marion’s work at, and make sure to peruse their art on the wall next time you visit Maestro’s Café. 

Ah-One, Ah-Two

 Don Staples playing Trombone on  The Lawrence Welk Show

Don Staples playing Trombone on
The Lawrence Welk Show

This week in the Café we have as our special guest Don Staples who, among other things, was part of the Lawrence Welk Show, from when it first went color until it stopped production in 1982, including a long stint as Principal Trombonist.





Also, it's time for the First Friday Fizz Quiz.  
Be sure to submit your answers here.

The Temp Track

Maestro's On Air #26 – Michael Fee

 Michael Fee, SCSO Principal Trumpet

Michael Fee, SCSO Principal Trumpet

The week's show features Aaron Collins' interview with Michael Fee, Principal Trumpet player for the Space Coast Symphony Orchestra.

Also, with summer in full swing, many are taking some time off.  We caught Jeff Thompson on vacation from his job of Director of Library Services, yet still patronizing Maestro's Café. 

Of course we grabbed an extra microphone and forced him to sit with us and provide a few foreshadowing tidbits about his alter ego as a documentarian. 
We look forward to having Jeff back on a future episode for the entire hour.

Citizen Lee

 Eric Lee and his Tuba

Eric Lee and his Tuba

A great honor is bestowed as Eric Lee is named Resident of the Month by The Beachside Resident magazine. 

Our guest for the hour is writer Nataleigh Palmer who takes the helm and turns the tables on Eric to interview him for his upcoming feature in the July issue, available at more than 300 locations in Brevard county or at