First Friday Fizz Quiz - June 2015

Here's our second iteration of the First Friday Fizz Quiz.  To make it a little easier to respond, we've decided to provide this handy form.  


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This American composer and conductor was the long time music director of the New York Philharmonic. He conducted 53 Young People’s Concerts, which were broadcast on CBS and believed strongly that the arts can strengthen learning. As a composer, he created music for “On the Waterfront” and “West Side Story,” among many other works. Who is he?
This brass instrument is one of the oldest classical orchestral instruments still in use today, with some of the earliest documented mentions in 1468 and 1488. The name of this instrument in Italian means “large trumpet.” Using a mute, it also plays the voice of the teacher in Charlie Brown cartoons. What is it?
This famous musical, with lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, opened on Broadway at the Winter Garden Theater in September of 1957. It later went on to be a movie. What is it?
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3   Winner will receive two free flex tickets to any one Space Coast Symphony Orchestra concert.
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Maestro's On Air #22 Bonus Material



Our guest was Jennifer Royals, and this was her sandwich.

Eric Lee told a story of getting his tuba valve repaired at Brass and Reed on Merritt Island.  




Look here for information about Malcom Gladwell's book Outliers.


Unfortunately, a search for the referenced David Frost Interview with Luciano Pavarotti suggests that it aired December 26, 1994, but it is not available online.  The public radio archive shows it in the database but lists it as not digitized.  Perhaps we could convince our local station to retrieve the analog copy for airing?  Here is a newspaper clip from the time from the The Washington Post.  Also below, this master class at the Juilliard School with Pavarotti is a nice listen.

Bill talked about loving to sing Pavarotti.  Be sure to watch this clip.

The (humorous?) SCSO video discussed from a few years ago is titled "Where is the Conductor?"

Quizzically Yours

Maestro's On Air - Episode 18 Bonus Material.  


On this week's episode of Maestro's On Air, Aaron Collins interviews Barbara Hoffman, Executive Director of the Cultural Council of Indian River County.


In celebration of International Tuba Day, the show ends with a clip submitted by Eric Lee's friend of many years and former guest Mike Gross.  See this tuba performance here or watch it below.


Also available online is the video of Mike Gross interviewing our own Eric Lee (immediately before the audio interview recorded for Maestro's On Air.  That video is below. 

The results are in and the First Friday Fizz Quiz declares a winner*

Congratulations to Amy Rapp who wins two FlexTickets.

*with a caveat.  (Everyone incorrect guessed Saxophone for question 2)

Review the questions and answers to the right, and be sure to watch for next month's quiz.

The Quiz:

  1. Question:  This instrument has been used since the Stone Age and is thought to be one of the oldest instrument types.  Some of these instruments were found to be at least 40,000 years old and made of bird bones or even mammoth ivory.  What is it?

    Answer:  The flute.     Read More

  2. Question: Which one of these woodwind instruments is never found in an orchestra?
    Bass Clarinet, E-flat Clarinet, Saxophone, or Contrabassoon?

    Answer:  Trick question.  They can all be found in an orchestra, depending on the piece being played. 

  3. Question:  Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart wrote his Clarinet Concerto in A Major for clarinetist Anton Paul Stadler.  What other piece did he write for this musician?

    Answer:  Quintet in A Major for Clarinet and Strings.        See More 

  4. Question:  What woodwind instrument has the widest pitch range?

    Answer:  The Clarinet, at nearly 4 octaves (E3 to C7)  

  5. Question:  This rare instrument is a member of the woodwind family.  From point of view of the audience, when played, this instrument looks a bit like a backwards number 4.  It is two octaves lower than its most common member of its instrumental type.  Its lowest performable note is the same as the lowest C on the Cello.  What is it?

    Answer:  The Contrabass Flute.     See An Example: 

Maestro's On Air #18 Bonus Material

Catherine Leasure was a guest on Maestro's Cafe this week.  

Her personal website is



Catherine referenced a move in which several of her friends from UK's Grimethorpe Colliery Band were featured, called Brassed Off.







A clip from the referenced Gilligan's Island mash up of Hamlet, to the music of Carmen can be seen here.






If you haven't seen it in a while, be sure to watch What's Opera Doc.



Be sure to watch the SCSO's Facebook page this Friday as we unveil the new <working title> First Friday Fizz Quiz.  Then listen to Maestro's On Air next week as we discuss the answers and post them here on Encore.  

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Season 2015 - 2016 Announcement


Our first installment starts with as big a topic as we can imagine.  On the heels of our special announcement of the SCSO 2015 - 2016 season, we bring you a special event.

With over an hour of discussion and music, we hear directly from the Space Coast Symphony Orchestra's Artistic Director, Aaron Collins, as he discusses what is in store for the symphony's seventh and most ambitious season yet.

Aaron is joined for the hour with special guests from the symphony, principal clarinetist  Jennifer Royals, plus Director of Communications Bill Trudeau.

Click above to listen to Encore!  and be among the first to learn what's next for your Space Coast Symphony Orchestra.

The symphony for everyone!