It's All About That Bass

Bob Gloppen playing the Big Band Bash

Bob Gloppen playing the Big Band Bash

There's no stoppin' Bob Gloppen and he illustrates this point through tales of overcoming lost luggage containing his instrument for that night’s gig, the intricacies of European driving regulations during the Cold War, and what to do when locked out of a radio station in downtown Chicago at 7:00 on a cold winter morning.   

Who is Bob Gloppen, you ask?  He’s a professional musician from Chicago, one of Eric Lee’s longest-standing friends, and if you were at last weekend’s Big Band Bash, you would have seen his guest performance on bass guitar.

Unfortunately Bill Trudeau was under the weather.  Still, Eric, Bob and Jeremy pressed-on and discussed last weekend’s concerts of the Space Coast Symphony Jazz Orchestra, played a few clips, and even managed to get in a tutorial on good bass amp technique before the research department unveiled it’s discovery of a relic from the 1980s.

Also, we announced the newest winner of the First Friday Fizz Quizz and discussed pending concerts, including the upcoming patriotic (and FREE, get your tickets before they are gone) America the Beautiful concerts.