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Afternoon on the Internet

This time on the show we sit down with Yaniv Cohen, named earlier this year as Personnel Director for the Space Coast Symphony Orchestra. 

In addition to that key position, he also teaches, performs and maintains a business as a luthier specializing in heritage American-made instruments.

Citizen Lee

Eric Lee and his Tuba

Eric Lee and his Tuba

A great honor is bestowed as Eric Lee is named Resident of the Month by The Beachside Resident magazine. 

Our guest for the hour is writer Nataleigh Palmer who takes the helm and turns the tables on Eric to interview him for his upcoming feature in the July issue, available at more than 300 locations in Brevard county or at

Money Back Guarantee

Maestro's On Air 22 - Jennifer Royals

Jennifer Royals, SCSO Principal Clarinetist

Jennifer Royals, SCSO Principal Clarinetist

This week in the Café we welcome Jennifer Royals, an original member and principal clarinetist of the Space Coast Symphony Orchestra. 

Over the hour the discussion ranges from retrospective of various clarinet solos and features, to Bill’s acknowledgment of the discovery of fire, and a look ahead at the upcoming season.

Be sure to check out Encore to see links to items referenced in the show.

From Sea to Shining Sead

Dr. Pat Hennessey, Conducting in Hawaii

Dr. Pat Hennessey, Conducting in Hawaii

Maestro's On Air 20 - Dr. Pat Hennessey

This week in the Café we spend time getting to know Dr. Pat Hennessey, trombonist and new Director of the Space Coast Symphony Jazz Orchestra.  In addition to his affiliation with the SCSO, he is Director of Jazz Studies at Stetson University. 

Over the hour Dr. Hennessey shares much from his life as a professional trombonist and instructor.  His career spans multiple states, from a start in New Orleans, to a stint in the LA music scene plus many years at the center of music and culture in Hawaii, and includes stories of playing with some of the most famous musicians and singers of the last few decades.

Oboe, You Did It Again!

Maestro's On Air 16, Chuck McGee

Chuck McGee, oboist

Chuck McGee, oboist

With Eric Lee on the road again, we took our cups of coffee over to the River House for a discussion with Aaron Collins regarding the upcoming performance of Carmen. 

Also featured is Aaron’s interview with Chuck McGee, an excellent oboist and member of the SCSO discussing the path leading to a career in music, plus music education and the challenges of different types of music. 

Included partially in this show, thanks to Andy Allen for his recording of  SCSO's performance of Tchaikovsky’s Fifth Symphony.

Plus there were a few announcements, and we tried unsuccessfully to extract details of the upcoming symphony season from Aaron...

Alas, that will have to wait for a future episode. 



Gigantic Sea Cows

Dr. William Rogan

Dr. William Rogan

Maestro's On Air 12, William Rogan.

In this episode, recorded at SCSO headquarters, The River House in Cocoa, Florida, Aaron Collins sits down with symphony Director of Development, Dr.  William Rogan.  

Dr. Rogan talks about his life as a horn player and much more.   In addition, Aaron talks about Mahler's Resurrection and Tchaikovsky's Fifth Symphony.