Maestro's On Air #22 Bonus Material



Our guest was Jennifer Royals, and this was her sandwich.

Eric Lee told a story of getting his tuba valve repaired at Brass and Reed on Merritt Island.  




Look here for information about Malcom Gladwell's book Outliers.


Unfortunately, a search for the referenced David Frost Interview with Luciano Pavarotti suggests that it aired December 26, 1994, but it is not available online.  The public radio archive shows it in the database but lists it as not digitized.  Perhaps we could convince our local station to retrieve the analog copy for airing?  Here is a newspaper clip from the time from the The Washington Post.  Also below, this master class at the Juilliard School with Pavarotti is a nice listen.

Bill talked about loving to sing Pavarotti.  Be sure to watch this clip.

The (humorous?) SCSO video discussed from a few years ago is titled "Where is the Conductor?"