This is the First Friday Fizz Quiz for July.  

Guesses will be collected until midnight of Sunday, July 12, 2015.

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Dr. Patrick Hennessey was a guest on Maestro's On Air. Which other show guest gave him trombone lessons many years ago?
Michael Fee was a recent guest of on Maestro's On Air. During the show, he discussed making a choice between being a musician and playing Baseball professionally. What Major League Baseball team drafted him?
On what Chicago radio show did the Tuba Brothers perform in the 80s? (just get close, spelling/exact name not required)
Anything else we should know?

Listen to to research the answers, or see if you were correct.

Quiz Rules: 

Guesses will be collected until midnight of Sunday, July 12, 2015.

1   The winner will be chosen at random from those that submit correct answers. 

2   The winner will be notified via Maestro's On Air Podcast and via email. 

3   Winner will receive two free flex tickets to any one Space Coast Symphony Orchestra concert.
   (To be picked up at the door.)


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