Make Up Your Mind!

Maestro's On Air 15, Kevin Cline.

This week everyone is back in town and we've returned to Maestro's Café for the good eats, free parking, and a reunion of sorts...

Eric's good friend of more than three decades, Kevin Cline (the musician, not the actor) is in town and took the opportunity to come by Maestro's to discuss what Eric was like in college, Chicago's local bar and restaurant scene, as well as what it's like to play in the "Blooze Brothers" tribute band.

He also has a new CD full of great jazz music, including 4 tracks featuring flugelhorn legend, Bobby Shew.  

Today's show has music passages from Kevin's new CD, as well as last weekend's performances of the all-star quartet (featuring Daniel Askerov) and the SCSO playing Tchaik 5, plus a final end of show send-off of the Spizzwinks. 

Kevin Cline

Kevin Cline