In a sea of media options, knowing where to invest your resources is more confusing than it was just a few years ago.  Traditional publications, business listings and broadcast outlets remain options, but an entire new plethora of choices with trendy titles such as "new media" and "social marketing" vie for more than just your hard-earned marketing dollars -- they demand your harder-earned time.

Podcasting is one such outlet which at once appears both full of opportunity, but infused with solid doses of hype and confusion.

Perhaps not for everyone, but for many companies creation of their own podcast, or a regular presence on an established podcast, provides a flow of intimacy of communication which is the exact opposite of old-school "broad"-casting.  Traditionally, to use mainstream media, a company would have to broaden appeal of its message to the lowest common denominator, and pay for many "eyes" or "ears" which were not likely customers.

With podcasting, this narrowly focused media channel allows you to communicate directly with your core customer base in an engaging way that builds trust, establishes your company as a source of information, and makes return visits and conversions much more likely.

A recent Entrepreneur Magazine article sums it up with five key benefits:

1. You can become more intimate with your audience.

2. You have the whole playground for yourself. Well,almost.

3. There are many possibilities with podcasting.

4. You can distribute podcasts through multiple channels.

5.  Podcasts connect employees to their organization.

PiqueVelocity can help you plan, brand and establish your podcast, and provide ongoing recording, production, hosting and syndication of the content, allowing you to be the Subject Matter Expert while focusing the majority of your time on the rest of your business.

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